Maggie Worth

Non-fiction, freelance, education


Hello and welcome to my site! I’m glad you stopped by.

Professionally speaking, I’m an author, speaker, business strategist, freelance writer, blogger, and future professor.

I’m also a reader, life learner, dog schmuck, hair flower obsessionist, foodie, and dreamer.

I’m multi-published in romance fiction and, before I’m through, I hope to publish in romantic suspense, comedic mystery, children’s literature, and middle grades mystery. I’d also like to get around to that horror screenplay stuck in the back of my head and continue to write entertaining lifestyle journalism, informative business articles, and a few more award-winning marketing pieces and video scripts. Oh, and another textbook or two. Those were fun. I’m also the author of a new writing reference series, Writer’s Bites: topics you can sink your teeth into.

I hope you’ll join me here from time to time, check out my blog at and visit me on Twitter or Pinterest. Most of all, I hope you’ll be inspired to pick up your own pen and take a stab at that poem or novel or memoir you’ve been thinking about. It won’t write itself, you know. That’s your job. And what a glorious job it is!